How Paragon is Preparing for COVID-19

The safety of our employees, patients, and families we serve is of the utmost importance to us. We want to help mitigate the rapid rate in which COVID-19 is spreading in the United States. In order to comply with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations of social distancing, Paragon is suspending all outpatient (PA & NY) therapy and will offer telemedicine to all clients.  Our ABA Autism Program will remain open via telemedicine. 

How can you help prevent the spreading of COVID-19

  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are an alternative.
  • Proper hygiene, including coughing into a tissue or your elbow.
  • Disinfection of surfaces with any commercially available disinfectant such as Lysol.
  • Minimizing touching your face.
  • Avoiding contact with infected individuals and avoiding large crowds larger than 10 people.

We Remain Here for You

Our owners will continue to be available during operating business hours for urgent situations, questions, or concerns.  As always, you can message us directly from our home page.  Please call the following to speak with:

716-790-8202 Kryn McClain (President)

Please call Dr. McClain for all outpatient Wyomissing/Olean questions or concerns.

484-516-2330 Nichole Phiambolis (Vice-President)

Please call Ms. Phiambolis for all Autism ABA related questions or concerns.

717-466-6505 Paulina Colonna (Secretary/Treasurer)

Please call Ms. Colonna for all Ephrata outpatient questions or concerns.



As of 3/17/2020, we have submitted our form to the state to have the capabilities to offer telemedicine services.  We will continue to provide updates on our website and Facebook page.


Outpatient will have the ability to continue to serve our clients in this capacity.  Please discuss this directly by calling either Dr. McClain or Ms. Colonna to coordinate.